Art has always been a part of me. My biological father was very artistic. By day he was a carpenter, but during his free time he would carve wooden toys, sew intrinsic pictures made of cloth, and create anything he wanted out of anything he could find. Although I only spent a brief moment of my life with him, his creativity lives on through me. 

At a young age, my artistic interest went from coloring to drawing. I was more interested in drawing because I could draw anything I wanted. As I got older, I started painting. Throughout this stage of my life, I wanted to go one step further. I began to airbrush some of my paintings. Using different media on the canvas gave each piece a different result regarding texture, space, or value. While paintings are still beautiful to look at, I wanted to create something more tangible. 

After getting a job in the construction industry as a Finish Carpenter apprentice, I was immersed in a world of wood. I started to learn more about different types of wood and what they would be best used for. I decided to get a lathe to test the waters and see what I could do.